Authors: Mara Pometti & Francesco Tissoni

Title: Come Comunicare con i dati, l'informazione tra data journalism e data visualization

In 2018, Professor Francesco Tissoni and I published a book on how to appropriately communicate with data. The book digs into the approaches and techniques used in data design since its foundation, with the aim of mapping out the underlying reasons that brought people to create a new data-driven language. We must learn how to appropriately communicate meaning in this new language in order to make sense out of data and the tangled systems in which we find it. Data visualization is now the perfect medium in which to construct the bridge between human knowledge and quantitative information.

​In the book, I advocate for more humanists to join the tech fields. Despite the advanced and sophisticated techniques that are being developed to understand data, we are still starving for good and comprehensible information. We desperately need good journalists, communicators, and storytellers to tell the beautiful stories of innovation lying within data and reveal what most people can't see. To do this, we have to apply the core principles of the humanities to the era of AI: critical thinking, curiosity, creativity, and empathy. We should continue to experiment with new languages, be creative, and especially ---- stay human.

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