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Data Storytelling

I am the creator of the Data Storytelling practice in IBM.

After years of experiments and creative projects over clients' engagements, working on data storytelling in the context of AI, I finally established Data Storytelling as an official practice and career path in IBM.


From now on, all IBMers can access the data storytelling curriculum and learn how to appropriately communicate with data by creating compelling data visual narratives using the AI's outcome.

This practice is extremely valuable given that it accelerates data literacy across different teams in IBM and democratizes data. In addition, it fosters a major transformational change by developing a new data thinking mindset that helps make data more human approachable so as to humanize the comprehension of AI solutions.


Data Storytelling at IBM



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To me data is more than databases, lines of code, or numbers: data is the representation of a company’s business and its AI maturity. That’s why over my journey at IBM I used my expertise in data journalism and data design to help companies give shape to their data. 

Many of my projects focus on envisioning new ways to represent the results of AI models and facilitating public understanding of AI. The foundation of these projects is research and experimentation with the use of data storytelling applied to AI practices.

 Working with data on a daily basis in a team of data scientists has become so rooted in my mindset that I finally created a new practice across IBM in AI and data science.

Data Storytelling applied to AI practices informs strategy by revealing new scenarios and explaining how AI impacts the business. 

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