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Thirty, Flirty and Seeking is my AI-driven newsletter.


With my 30th birthday, I started thinking of everything I’ve done in my 20s to reach this point. So, I collected 10 years of social media data and I used AI as a human tool helping me understand my younger self by finding hidden connections and patterns in my past self to predict what will come next.


AI can help us better explore ourselves and turn our historical data into something completely unexpected. 


With this newsletter, merging my passion for writing and my skills in data and AI, I want to share with people part of the AI findings on me. It will be a long journey. I already know we can find good insights in the past, but I do not know what will happen next: when it comes to predicting the future of human existence, AI is not yet ready. 


There's a lot of #vulnerability in this project; by sharing my personal data and transforming it into stories, I really open up to all the readers, therefore treat this newsletter with care and… subscribe!

AI driven Stories,

my role in the project:

  • NLP analysis 

  • Data processing

  • Data Design

  • Writing



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Thirty, Flirty and Seeking