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Data-driven Logo

IBM Cloud & Cognitive Software Chief Data Office 

In 2020, I created and designed a Data-Driven Visual Identity for the IBM Cloud & Cognitive Software Chief Data Office Team.

Combining research, strategy, and design, I used data to create a visualization that encapsulates the core mission of the IBM C&CS CDO team: creating and delivering value for the business using data, AI, and design.

Using design to spur innovation in the way we communicate with data is becoming more crucial every day, especially for a CDO team ---- one of the most important teams in any company.

In this logo project, I wanted to use data, and the stories behind it, to rethink how we conceive of visual identities.

My role in the project:

  • Concept ideation

  • Data research

  • Content strategy

  • Data Exploration (d3.js, Cognos, Data lithe)

  • Data visualization design

  • Logo design

I wrote about this project and my design process in this story published in 

Nightingale, the Journal of the Data Visualization Society.