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Nuts About Nutella

What happens when an Italian notices that Nutella tastes different in the U.S. than back home? She enlists the help of a Finn, and together they find out why companies tailor their products to different markets, and when this tailoring borders on unethical. And while doing this, they eat a lot of Nutella.

I and my Finnish journalist fellow decided to get to the bottom of the matter (and a few Nutella jars.) We started by conducting a non-scientific Nutella experiment to see if others noticed a difference in the tastes of Nutellas from three different markets. Then, we asked for the help of Miriam Burgos, an Assistant Professor of Clinical Marketing at USC Marshall School of Business, who explained to us the economic theories behind a company’s choice to tailor their products according to the different countries where they sell them.

Nuts About Nutella is an interactive journalism project developed for the USC Annemberg Media Center.

My role in the project:

  • Interviews

  • Design webpage

  • Develop webpage. (HTML, CSS, Javascript)



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