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Giorgia Lupi, Information Designer and Partner at Pentagram for the fashion brand &OtherStories.

Giorgia, together with the fashion brand &OtherStories, transformed data into wearable visual narratives that have been embroidered and sewed into clothes. The data-driven fashion collection celebrates the achievements of three trailblazing women: 

Ada Lovelace – the first computer programmer, Rachel Carson —the first environmentalist, 

and Mae Jemison —the first African-American woman in space. These pioneers paved the way for future generations of girls at a time when science was a male-dominated field.

I contributed to Giorgia Lupi’s project as data researcher: my role was to research, collect, and analyse data for the project, as well as to research the lives of Ada Lovelace, Rachael Carson and Mae Jemison. After collecting data from the three women's bodies of work, I defined three different data-driven strategies to break down their main works. These were the narratives that would be transformed into visual patterns by Giorgia. 


By following this process, I compiled six unique hand-crafted datasets built upon a deep study and analysis of the algorithm conceived by Ada LovelaceSilent Spring — the book written by Rachel Carson, and the NASA report on the STS-47 space mission undertaken by astronaut Mae Jemison

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Notes from the process: understanding Ada Lovelace's algorithm and

translating it into a dataset to be used by Giorgia for the visual patterns. 

"The project makes data accessible in a whole new way—by making it wearable on garments that incorporate hand-drawn data patterns."

Giorgia Lupi

Giorgia Lupi's creation: references, sketches and final outcomes.

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