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Selected Interviews, Podcasts, and Mentions.

"An anthropocentric view of AI means that humans are at the center of the AI experience: it takes into consideration humans not just from the point of the action, as users, but also from the dimensions of the feeling and thinking."

Interviews & Podcasts

IBM, The Data Differentiator

What is data literacy and why is it important?

October 2022

Hai Mai Osato? 

Mara Pometti e Umanizzare l'AI

September 2022

AI Today Podcast

From Data Reporter to AI Strategist, Interview with Mara Pometti, Global AI Strategist at IBM,

May 2021

Data Science at Home

AI in the enterprise, with Mara Pometti, Global AI Strategist at IBM,

October 2021

Wiley, This Study Shows

The state of the game,

November 2021

IBM Expert TV

Spill the Beans on AI and Algorithms in Journalism,

May 2021


Creative Review

Honorable Mention: Digital, Craft and Technical Innovation 2020,

December 2020

IBM Journey to AI Blog

A picture worth a thousand volts,  

November 2019

IBM Journey to AI Blog

Without data, the journey to AI is like a trek through the desert, sans compass,

August 2019

Tableau Blog

Tableau Featured Authors 

December 2017

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