Communicating with data

Information in the age of data journalism and data design

By Mara Pometti and Francesco Tissoni

In this book, I explored the art and techniques of communicating with data by utilizing design as an approach to craft data into informative visual data narratives.

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Other Publications.

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By Mara Pometti 

Nightingale, The Journal of the Data Visualization Society, November 2022.

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in Graphicus Magazine, December 2021.

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on IBM Data Science,  May 2020.

AI Strategy 101: How small newsrooms can embrace a data-driven culture

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Designing Experiences through Data Stories

By Mara Pometti, Marion Brülls, Ellice Heintze 

on IBM Design,  March 2022.

Moving Forward: AI Opens Up New Horizons for Data Visualization

By Mara Pometti,

on Nightingale,  January 2021.

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