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AI Portfolio



QIIB bank

AI Strategy

AI in banking 

The workshop has brought a paradigm shift in the way we conceive our strategies. This new approach has closed the gap between the development of a strategy and its execution.

— Georges Hobeik, Chief Information Officer at QIIB Bank

Project overview

I developed a strategic portfolio of AI initiatives for QIIB —a prominent bank based in Doha, Qatar— by helping the bank's C-suite understand where and how to apply AI to transform its business operations.

By facilitating two workshops, a strategic one followed by a technical one, I led the bank to identify AI initiatives, clearly map them to the return on investment, and craft projects' roadmap.

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Business Impact

Failing to adopt AI in the enterprise is often caused by a lack of strategic thinking and poor problem definition. I led the bank’s business and technical stakeholders from problem definition to the ideation and implementation of AI solutions by crafting the vision of how QIIB bank will move forward with AI and communicating that strategy through a data story.

The prioritized use cases have been shaped after a deep understanding of the user’s problems and business needs

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The process

By innovating the mainstream design thinking practice with bespoke data-centric exercises, I guided QIIB to shape the bank’s data and visualize how it is collected, organized, and used to gather a comprehensive understanding of the data status so to unlock new AI opportunities.

To help the customer realize the business impact of the AI initiatives and inform their business startegy, I used qualitative and quantitative data. I crafted a tangible story revealing how QIIB would move forward with AI by analyzing the insights gathered over the workshops with NLP (natural language processing) techniques and visualizing them.

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From insights, to data, to stories

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