Mara Pometti is AI Strategist at IBM.

Mara is IBM's first AI strategist. She defines and designs AI business

solutions by revealing overlooked insights hidden in companies' data. Mara uses data design as a strategic tool to frame data and AI problems, discover new opportunities, and transform machine learning models and algorithms into concrete business results by creating visual data stories. 


What sets Mara apart is her unique background: she is a polymath sitting at the intersection of data science, data journalism, and design.

A polymath sitting at the intersection of data science, data journalism, and design.

Mara's editorial approach to data and AI has innovated data science methods: her novel way to utilize data and AI problems via an editorial perspective by bringing together strategy, data science and data storytelling, helped many IBM clients laying out the vision for their long-term AI strategy. 


Mara bridges the gap between the technical and business realms by acting as a translator with her strategic visual data narratives. 


Throughout her journey, Mara had the honor to partner with distinguished designers at both IBM and Pentagram to develop new ways for companies to utilize their data.


Mara is one of the creators of IBM's new methodology Enterprise Design Thinking for data and AI. She is currently the only employee delivering IBM's new methodology by facilitating data and AI workshops for IBM's most strategic customers and helping them designing an AI strategy for their enterprises.

Mara is also the creator of the data storytelling practice in IBM. She is now responsible for expanding new competencies, culture, and innovative approaches to data and AI in both clients' engagements and product design.


Over the past years, both at IBM and over her previous experiences, Mara has worked with many clients, including Rolls-Royce, Lufthansa, James Fisher & Sons.

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Using data design as a strategic tool to frame data problems to design AI strategies.

Mara collaborated with the most important design firm worldwide, Pentagram. She was part of the team led by Pentagram's Partner Giorgia Lupi who created a data-driven fashion collection for the brand &OtherStories.


Mara is a published author: in 2018, she wrote her first book about the art of data storytelling and how to communicate with data.


She collaborates with major newsrooms: one of her latest data stories was published in Esquire's lifestyle magazine.


Mara is also the instructor of AI strategy at the London School of Economics for the AI Journalism program sponsored by Google News Lab.


She has spoken at numerous events and institutions about data storytelling in AI, and she is a keen advocate for the union of the humanities and STEM: for Mara, data allows us to connect these two only apparently different domains.

A humanist working in the realm of AI.

Mara received a Bachelor's Degree in Classics and a Master's Degree in Digital Humanities with an emphasis on data visualization at the University of Milan, where she graduated Summa cum Laude. Besides her training in the humanities, she is also a self-taught coder and defines herself as a humanist 4.0.

After an experience as a researcher at the University of Milan in the academic course of digital communication, she started working at Accurat, a data visualization design, research, and innovation studio with offices in Milan and New York.

In 2017, she won a scholarship for a Master of Arts in Specialized Journalism at the Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.


After completing the MA in Journalism with a specialization in data journalism, she started working for the Doha bureau of Al Jazeera English as a data journalist.


At the beginning of 2019, she joined IBM as a data visualization specialist for the Data Science & AI Elite team.


In June 2020, she joined the IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software Chief Data Office.


Since the beginning of 2021, she works for the IBM Global Chief AI Officer's team, where she leads AI Strategy with BM customers.

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