I'm Mara Pometti, a Lead AI Strategist at IBM.

I’m an AI strategist who uses design to define business solutions and reveal overlooked insights hidden in companies’ data.


I use design as an approach to frame a problem, discover new opportunities, and communicate the content and insights extracted from machine learning models and algorithms.

I find myself at the intersection of the technical and business realms, acting as a translator who bridges these two worlds through data narratives.

Everything I do with data is inevitably reflected in the practice of design: whether I use it to use  company's data to discover overlooked business opportunities by running a design thinking workshop, or I use it to frame an AI strategy or to communicate the content generated by an AI system.


Throughout my data journey, I have been adopting design not only as a language to visualize data, but also as an approach to explore data and craft it into new content, such as AI tools, strategies, or visual narratives showing the business outcome of AI and Machine Learning models. Thru design, I reveal hidden opportunities, reframe a business problem, tell a data story, or define an AI solution.
I am pursuing a profession as a data content strategist in the context of AI, which aims to merge data research, AI strategy, and data design.

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Bio & Previous Experience

I'm a Polymath sitting at the intersection of data science, design, and journalism.

I am a keen supporter and advocate for the union of the humanities and STEM: data gives us an opportunity to connect these two apparently different domains.

I have a multidisciplinary background. I received a Bachelor Degree in Classics, and a Master Degree in Digital Communication with emphasis on data visualization at the University of Milan, where I graduated Summa cum Laude. Yet I am also a self-taught coder and I define myself as a humanist 4.0.


After an experience as a teaching assistant at the University of Milan in the academic course of digital communication, I started my career in the data design field at Accurat, a data visualization design, research, and innovation studio with offices in Milan and New York.

In 2017, I won a scholarship for a Master of Arts in Specialized Journalism at the Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California. I left Milan and moved to Los Angeles.

After completing an MA in Journalism with a specialization in data journalism at USC, I started working for the Doha bureau of

Al Jazeera English as a freelance data journalist where my responsibility was to set the strategy to enable the digital team with the skills and culture to start data journalism projects.

In 2018, as co-author, I published my first book in Italian Comunicare con i dati. L'informazione tra data journalism e data visualization; a book about the art and techniques of communicating with data to craft visual narratives.

At the beginning of 2019, I started working at IBM as a data visualization specialist for the Data Science & AI Elite team.

In June 2020 I joined the IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software Chief Data Office where I worked as a

AI Content Strategist. 

Since the beginning of 2021, I work for the IBM Global Chief AI Office where I lead the AI Content Strategy with both internal and external IBM customers.

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