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We need to capture the human stories hidden in data and algorithms to bring AI closer to our own humanity.

Meet the speaker: IBM’s Lead AI Strategist, Mara Pometti

May 2022

Purposeful AI Strategy Throughout the AI Lifecycle

June 2022

Mara Pometti e Umanizzare l'AI

September 2022

Mara Pometti: "We need to interview the data like we interview people"

May 2022

What is data literacy and why is it important?

October 2022

Human-centered AI

May 2022

From Data Reporter to AI Strategist, Interview with Mara Pometti, Global AI Strategist at IBM,

May 2021

AI in the enterprise, with Mara Pometti, Global AI Strategist at IBM

October 2021

The state of the game

November 2021

Spill the Beans on AI and Algorithms in Journalism

May 2021

March8 LIVE: Meet our speakers

June 2022




Without data, the journey to AI is like a trek through the desert, sans compass

August 2019

Tableau Featured Authors 

December 2017

Honorable Mention: Digital, Craft and Technical Innovation 2020

December 2020

A picture worth a thousand volts

November 2019

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