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Artificial Humans: For a humanistic approach to algorithms

By Mara Pometti, Bibliografica, 2022

I started this book in early 2021 while attempting to answer a question that has been bugging me over the past years while working with data and algorithms: How can we truly humanize AI?


Witnessing the AI’s evolution made me realize that we need to outgrow the merely technical conversations on AI models and frame them as something greater by focusing on the problems that AI can solve for people, along with its implications. Every facet of AI, from validation, debugging, and exploration to interpretability, governance, and fairness, should be first codified through the lens of human needs. 

In a world driven by mechanical processes that none dares to question, humans should become the pivot of the AI’s design and development. In the book, I make a case for the need of Humanizing AI, which involves applying AI with a purpose where it matters to people. To do that, organizations need a new generation of experts that can balance the power of AI with our human virtues: critical thinking, curiosity, empathy, love for the truth, relentless innovation, and honesty. 

Communicating with data: Information across data journalism and data visualization

Mara Pometti and Francesco Tissoni, Ledizioni, 2018

In this book, I explored the art and techniques of communicating with data by utilizing design as an approach to craft data into informative visual data narratives.

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