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I designed and developed an AI solution to visualize the strategy of a predictive maintenance program for the high voltage cables of James Fisher’s wind farm assets.  

AI Strategy for predictive maintenance program



— Ryan Henderson, Executive director EDS group
part of James Fisher and Sons
When I walked into the room and I saw the prototype for the first time, I could see very very clearly this could be a powerful tool for us as we move forward in trying to improve efficiency. I thought: yes, eventually we have got something that gives me an indication on the condition of those cables."


The prototype illuminated the cost savings that the clients could obtain by making its business more efficient by combining predictive and prescriptive models to optimize their maintenance operations and make them more efficient so to increase cost savings.

  • Improved by 80%
    scheduling of maintenance tasks

  • More than
     ​$1M in costs saving



Addressing a data science use case from a storytelling perspective gave stakeholders the means to understand the business value provided by ML models. 

  • I acted as project lead and analytics translator working with data scientists and business stakeholders

  • I extracted the customer’s needs by leading user interviews

  • I conducted a data workshop to conceptually understand the information that the business users wish they had access to in order to improve their decision-making process.

  • I analyzed the predictions data provided by the machine learning model implemented by the data scientists. I designed James Fisher’s future scenario that addressed its business challenges

  • I delivered the solution as an interactive data-driven prototype that I designed and then developed by using the javascript, d3.js


Public references

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