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Data-driven visual identity
In 2020, I was asked by the back then CDO of the IBM Software unit to create a logo for the new CDO team.


I thought: why don't use data for that? Therefore, I designed a Data-Driven Visual Identity for the IBM Software Chief Data Office.

Combining research, strategy, and design, I used data to create a visualization that encapsulates the core mission of the IBM C&CS CDO team: creating and delivering value for the business using data, AI, and design.​

In this logo project, I wanted to use data, and the stories behind it, to rethink how we think of visual identities.

Data-Driven Logo



I delved into articles, websites, and IBM’s digital archive in search of data (both qualitative and quantitative) around the major events related to AI and Cloud computing that made the history of IBM. Specifically, I wanted to know what types of events have been considered turning points in the evolvement of AI and Cloud in IBM, who took part in their realization and when, if they led to the development of a new product, and which new business units they contributed to creating.


These and many others were the types of questions that guided the entire data collection and led me to create a bespoke dataset that I used to design the logo. 



The data analysis prompted the sketches of a few data visualizations that could serve as a logo and express the identity of the CDO team.

Data design


Public references

To learn more about this project, read my blog

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