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I worked with ABC, a corporate bank based in Bahrain, to help the Chief Innovation Officer design and develop an AI strategy that transforms how corporate banking operates and manages clients’ transactions.

AI Strategy for Corporate Banking



— Yousif Almas, ABC Chief Innovation Officer
"The design thinking workshop in collaboration with IBM brought together innovators in an enriching session on data and AI adoption. Thanks to Mara: she has the ability to bring attention from people and she always kept us excited."

With the AI strategy method, the bank fasted the time from strategy to execution and defined new KPIs to measure revenue generation through AI initiatives. The workshop helped the bank build an entire AI portfolio with prioritized projects to implement to move the bank forward with AI. 

Business impact


I facilitated a 2-day workshop session for ABC executives and leaders.


To have a solid comprehension of the ABC’s clients' As-Is scenario, we invited to the workshop the banks’ top clients to gather more insights on their challenges through the human-centered activities of the workshop.


I helped the bank’s team to first discover and then transform their client’s pain points into well-defined AI use cases mapped to concrete business metrics.


The business KPIs serve to track the progressive value realization of the AI portfolio as well as help LOBs prioritize projects.


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