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A new way to make data accessible to people. 

I had the honor to collaborate with Giorgia Lupi, an Information Designer and a Partner at Pentagram, on the fashion collection she created for the brand & Other Stories.


Giorgia Lupi made data accessible in a whole new way: by making it wearable on clothes.


The data patterns that Giorgia Lupi designed are inspired by the lives of three trailblazing women in science: Ada Lovelace, Rachel Carson, and Mae Jemison.

Giorgia Lupi for & Otherstories



I researched, collected, and built custom data sets by looking into the lives of the three women selected for the project.

I transformed the research into three unique handmade data sets that served as working material for Giorgia Lupi’s design process and that she transformed into the visual narratives that eventually were embroidered and printed on the fashion collection.

My role


After collecting information from the three women's bodies of work, I transformed that information into data, and I defined three different data-driven strategies to break down their main works. These became the narratives that would be transformed into visual patterns by Giorgia. 

From data to design


Public references

Learn more about the project on the Pentagram website.

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