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Journalism on LA Data

Crosstown LA
 was a year-long collaboration beginning in 2017 between USC Annenberg School of Journalism and USC Viterbi School of Engineering and Computer Science. 

Together with a multidisciplinary team of data scientists, news designers, and a few reporters, I worked on building a data-driven news application to provide citizens with news ranging from traffic to crime.


Through data exploration, data modeling, UX interviews, reporting, and design research, we developed a functional platform that became the foundation for what today is a full-fledged data-driven journalism product named Crosstown.

Data Journalism:
Crosstown LA



By accessing the data of the city of Los Angeles about traffic, air pollution and car accidents, we were able to build a tool that could help Los Angelinos plan their trips in advance to avoid frustrating LA traffic jams, while also providing new insight into street data collected by the city of Los Angeles.



We designed the platform as a dynamic tool where users could, not just read and access news, but also dig into the data themself and discover insights driven by user-friendly data visualizations. 


Public references

To learn more about the project:
Github repository
The beginning 

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