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Data-viz driven AI strategy
I ran a data-driven design thinking workshop for the IBM client's stakeholders and business sponsors of a UK-based insurance group. 


I designed and prototyped a data-driven tool to illuminate what can be achieved by combining predictive and prescriptive models.


The tool empowers the client's decision-makers by illuminating the information generated by the AI models and transforming it into actionable information for the end users.


Addressing an AI use case from a data visualization and storytelling perspective gave the client's stakeholders the means to understand the business value provided by the IBM data scientists' AI and ML techniques.

AI Strategy in Insurance



Through the UX interviews and the design thinking workshop, I found interesting business opportunities hidden in the client's data.


The pain points that afflicted the end user became the baseline for a better understanding of the user's workflow and its point of inefficiency.


Based on insights obtained during the workshop, I was able to conduct UX interviews and user research that enabled me to ideate, design, and develop a prototype built on the combination of different AI and ML models.

Research and UX


The prototype that I designed and developed was driven by the stories I surfaced over the UX interviews I conducted with the users. 

A story-driven approach to AI

  • Run design thinking workshop

  • Led UX interviews and user research

  • Ideated solution

  • Designed tool concept based on data 

  • Prototyped the tool for demo (Javascript, HTML, CSS)

  • Designed and Produced video for final tool demo (Adobe After Effects)

The process

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