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A data-driven visual identity

At IBM we believe in the power of collaboration and co-creation. Therefore, when in April a not-for-profit organization called Emergent Alliance was born, and IBM joined the cause. The. Emergent Alliance is a community that aims to better inform the future economic decision-making of corporations, small businesses, and nation-states.


The Alliance's scope is to create a safe environment in which members and volunteers could share data, and expertise and merge it to provide new insights and practical applications to the global Covid-19 response: "Recover, Together, Stronger."​

Emergent Alliance: AI to recover from Covid



As part of the collaboration between Rolls Royce R2 Lab and the IBM Data Science & AI Elite team, I had the honor to run a design thinking workshop that set the strategy for the entire project and design and built three dashboards to communicate the results of the AI models.


The mission was to create a risk index to communicate AI predictions to governments to help them track the impact of COVID-19 on several aspects of the economy.



We started our collaboration with Rolls Royce with a design thinking workshop that helped the team produce a challenge statement. The challenge statement served as a starting point to divide the project into 3 different workstreams: An Emergent Risk Index aimed to create a localized risk index that would include different aspects related to the COVID-19 impact; an Emergent Pulse, directed toward the sentiment and behavior analysis of the population in response to the government countermeasures; and lastly, the Emergent Simulation focused on the creation of what-if scenarios to help understand the deep economic impact of the Virus.

Data design

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